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Conversations w/ David Platt

Posted: August 6, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Uncategorized
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Radical has been posting individual videos of David Platt answering some questions regarding his book Radical, disciple-making, the local church, and global missions that will lead to a simulcast August 14th. The simulcast is going to be a teaching/QnA on his newest book Follow Me. 

All 11 videos in this conversation are numbered below, and they correspond to the following questions:

  1. Three years after Radical, what has been encouraging and what has been concerning about responses to the book?
  2. What is the role of the church in following Christ?
  3. How does living radically fit with the normal Christian life?
  4. What does living radically look like for David Platt?
  5. What’s the difference between God’s commands and His individual callings?
  6. How is radical devotion to Christ different from religious legalism?
  7. How does caring for the poor fit with the church’s primary task of making disciples?
  8. Should we lead people in a ‘sinner’s prayer’?
  9. What led you to write Follow Me and why do you see it as more foundational thanRadical?
  10. What are some cultural misunderstandings about follow Christ addressed in Follow Me?
  11. What should we expect from the Follow Me simulcast?









David Platt recently wrote a book titled Follow Me where he expands on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Platt being committed to the Bible, looks at every instance in which Jesus calls someone to follow Him as a disciple and draws implications for us today. I began to rethink of what I committed to when I became a follower of Jesus and thought I would read his book and study those passages myself. I hope to be able to not only share what I have found, but also encourage you to count the cost of what it means to follow Jesus and to live in light of His call.

As I read these passages and put myself in the feet of all those who hear Jesus say, “Follow me”, I began to feel a lot like Bilbo Baggins did when he received a contract from Ballin, a dwarf who is part of Thorin Oakenshield’s company. Thorin Oakenshield is on a journey to take back a mountain that was once his grandfathers. The journey is dangerous and it comes with great risk. We are all being handed a contract. We don’t get to set the terms either. Jesus sets the conditions of what it means to be His follower.

At times when we think of being a follower of Jesus some of us think of changing who we are. Others think of how we can become better people. Some of us even think of doing things for Jesus in our spare time and giving whatever money we can to help the poor. Through this series I hope and pray that we get a more robust understanding of what Jesus means when he says, “follow me”. I believe that we, as Christians, can be sucked into and have given ourselves to a culture that feels the freedom to take Jesus on our own terms rather than taking Jesus on his terms. We live in a consumeristic culture that makes us believe that if we don’t like something we can simply move on to something else that we would much prefer or feel more comfortable with. With Jesus we don’t have that freedom. He sets the terms and he tells us what it means to be his follower. When Jesus says follow me, He gives us a contract and the terms of agreement are drafted up by him and not by us.

I pray that many would carefully consider what it means to follow Jesus. I also pray that God uses this series of posts to create risk taking Christians that will move towards area’s that have little to no access of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.