A Welcome Letter From Brooklyn on our Moving Weekend

Posted: July 29, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Thoughts
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My wife and I have recently moved to the Gaithersburg area in order to plant a campus ministry at the college campus of Rockville MC ( I will be making a post on that later).

We had a ton of help, lots of hands, and have been welcomed by our home church with a lot of love and kindness. This has been an exhausting, but great weekend for us. This move could not be any more encouraging. I love that my family is closer. I love that my church is closer. I love that friends are closer.

Today, I woke up to one of the coolest welcome letters by a little cutie named Brooklyn. She is about 4 months of joy, chubbiness, and fun. Lindsay and I have  a lot of our friends and are glad to be closer to them.

Dear Uncle  Angel and Auntie Lindsay –

My mommy told me yesterday that you were not having a fun weekend… she said something about putting lots of stuffs into boxes and then into cars (do the boxes need a carseat like me? Do they falls asleep in the car like me?) and then driving a long way to put the boxes someplace new. I don’t really understand why all that’s not fun – I love the car! – but mommy thought that maybe you could use some cheering up. So I thought about it aaalll night and woke up extra early to sneak on to this compupers thing and send you this. Because mommy says that now that all your boxes are in their new place, you’ll get to come snuggle with me more! And I do love the snuggles.
Sees you soon I hopes?
Brooklyn Cates
My response to Brooklyn:
If you were able to see all of the boxes that we have stacked you would think they were jumbo letter blocks. Auntie Lindsay thinks it makes our apartment look like a maze which makes her not feel at home at all. The car ride made us very sleepy and we wish we had our parents there to drive us so that we could sleep and stare out the window. I think we will be trying to find everything we need and then we will come to see you! Tell your mommy and daddy that we love them a lot and are glad to be here. If you ever want to come over while your dad and mom go eat grown up food- which is not as good as the banana strawberry gerber- let me know and we can have you over and let them go out.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Brooklyn and Lindsay
We look forward to baby sitting

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