The Leader’s Pacing

Posted: May 30, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Leadership, Productivity
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I love recommending books. Good books, challenging books, convicting books, practical books, and well written books. But not everybody is going to like the entire book. Sometimes we read for fun. Other times we read and discover a helpful chapter. Sometimes we only find a sentence that is meaningful. This is one of the reasons I am thankful for my friend Jon Smith. I know that may look like a pseudonym, but that is really his name.

Jon has at different times recommended books, pages, paragraphs, and chapters to me. Recently, he asked me to read a chapter titled, The Leader’s Pacing by Peter Kraft. Again, the whole book wasn’t necessary but this section was extremely helpful…well mostly the analogy. Here is a quote that I found helpful in understanding how I should pace how hard I work.

We all don’t have the same gifts, personality, or capacity. I think people are like rubber bands, which come in all sizes and shapes. Some are small and some are large. A small rubber band can only be stretched so far. It has limits. A rubber band that is larger can obviously be stretched further. Regardless of how big or small the rubber band, it can only be stretched for so long, and then it needs to go back to  a resting position. If it is stretched too far and stays there too long, it will snap.

We have all had the experience of picking up something that was wrapped with a rubber band for a long time, only to have it snap when we touched or moved it. Likewise, leaders need to determine what size their capacity is and how long they can remain in a stretched situation before they need a pause-whether emotional or physical.

He then goes on to say that most leaders need to slow down. There is a tendency to believe that being busy is the same as being productive. It isn’t. We can be busy doing a hundred unnecessary things and miss the most important things on our plates. There are times that we know we need a break, recalibrate and slow down, but we decide to push through. God has given us a capacity and we should work within that range. We should work hard and rest, trusting in the sovereignty of God.

Kraft then writes this convicting section

I think that if the Lord were an officer of the law, he would give many of us a speeding ticket. Is there a speed limit for life and ministry? It’s called the gauge of God-given capacity. We are not all the same.

If you are a leader, or someone who feels like life is fast paced, you may want to slow down. Take a look at your capacity, your strengths, and your priorities so that you can focus on what is really important. You don’t have to do everything. If you are a leader, you can delegate work to someone who would not only do what you can do, but potentially thrive at it. Work hard, play hard. Rest intentionally so that you can work intentionally.

  1. Daryl Boffman Jr. says:

    Thanks for this post bro. It was a nice lunch break read. preciate chu

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