An Open Letter to my Wife

Posted: May 29, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Marriage
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We are so close to our two year anniversary. I think of the last two years and can’t overlook how instrumental you have been in my life. With the modern view of marriage being a chain and a ball, game over, and something you do when you get older- I am so glad the opposite is true of our relationship. You have made life more interesting, more enjoyable, and the games have just begun.

I was a young naive 23 year old and you were a young 21 year old when we got married. But I wouldn’t trade marriage for what the 20’s has to offer a single dude like me. The adventure, spontaneity, freedom, and joy singleness has to offer has only been multiplied by being with you. We have traveled a road only you and I could have gone through. In the midst of potholes, speed bumps, set backs, and detours we have only gotten to know each other more deeply and care for each other more specifically.

I began with telling a few select people about how my feelings for you were growing and now feel like shouting from the highest location with the loudest megaphone of my undivided love and commitment to you. You and I are not the husband and wife that we want to be…but we aren’t the husband and wife we were two years ago. We have grown in our love, knowledge and commitment. Two years in, with the rest of our life ahead of us….this is the journey of my life! I see how you are uniquely made to suit me and enhance my strengths and support my weaknesses. For your patience, humility, teachability, care, servant-like-heart, forbearance, and unabashed love… I am glad to say I love you… and I look forward to growing old with you.

I love you, Lindsay, with greater depth than I did before and with great anticipation of the future.


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