Following Jesus Pt 2

Posted: May 17, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Thoughts, Writing
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To follow Jesus is to give up control over your career. 

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” – Mark 1:17

“Follow me” Luke 2:14

J.D Greear a pastor and author gets this point across to his college students in this way.

“What you do, do well to the glory of God. What you do well, do strategically for the mission of God.”

Jesus in this passage appears to four fishermen and calls them to follow him. We don’t know much about how successful or unsuccessful, how rich or how poor they were as fishermen. What we do know is that based on their understanding of who Jesus was and what he meant by following him, their response was to drop their nets and install hired servants as their replacements. He approached many people and asked them to leave their post to follow him. Levi, a tax collector who more than likely made a lot of money by over taxing people, was told to follow Jesus while he was at his booth. Levi rose and followed him, just like that. Or at least as far as we know.

Do you feel that Jesus doesn’t have the right to call you to this? I believe that many of us can get so caught up in what we are doing that we don’t feel that Jesus can say drop what your doing and join me in what I am doing. Many of us think that we can choose our major, settle into a career and join Jesus in what he is doing insofar that it is comfortable and doable. As long as Jesus doesn’t get in the way of what is really important you will join him. Sorry guys, but to be honest I don’t think it works that way. There are 2 billion people with little to no access to the message of Jesus Christ. Jesus may call you to leave your job as an engineer, accountant, or teaching to follow him on his mission to the 6,000 plus unreached people groups. He may lead you to stay and be a marketer, computer programmer, or business manager. Both are equally important and needed. Some are to go to places where Jesus hasn’t been heard, and others are to fund the goers by sending them. All are to go and make disciples of Jesus. Some do it in reached places while others do it to the unreached. It isn’t an either/or its a both/and. If you stay you are still commanded to have a global perspective when it comes to the mission. One isn’t more important or of more value.

Again, this does not mean that every follower of Jesus is to quit their job go to some tribal location and tell the indigenous people of Jesus. Although I hope he calls many, he doesn’t call everyone to go overseas. In fact there are times where Jesus commands people he has had mercy on to go to their own people and share what Jesus has done. The point of this passage is not to quit your job, or sign out of your major. The point of this passage is to keep in mind that to follow Jesus it to be open to the fact that if he leads you to quit your job, you have a higher allegiance to Jesus and his mission that you do your career and your reputation.

“What you do, do well to the glory of God. What you do well, do strategically for the mission of God.”

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