J.D Greear’s rant on flip flops

Posted: April 8, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Uncategorized

I am not a huge fan of flip flops, sandals, walking barefoot or pretty much anything that exposes feet- especially guys feet. It is probably because my feet are ugly, and mostly everyone I know has hobbit-like feet. This is a funny rant I came across that resonated with me. 

“I unapologetically maintain a rule around our office: Staff guys cannot wear flip flops in the office. This “level” of rules around our office is very unusual because a) we are very casual in our dress and b) I’m not a very autocratic leader by nature.

That said, this is one I won’t let go.

The reason(s) are simple:

1. Guys’ feet are gross. Period. No one wants to look at your feet. Keep ugly stuff covered.

2. The guys with the grossest feet (i.e. guys with bright yellow fungus growing up through their toenails, jacked up cuticles, dry-flaky skin around their heels or corns or bunions or just all around mal-formed, hobbit-like feet) seem to be the least aware and most likely to display their feet for the whole world to look at. If anything, flip flops should be a privilege, not a right, for guys with normal looking feet. But then again, refer to (1) for clarification on that.

3. People’s feet are generally dirty.

The little thong that goes between the big and second toe on a pair of flip-flops has to be the nastiest article of clothing in the history of civilization. The flip-flop thong resides in one of the dirtiest places in your body–your toe jam hollow–and it NEVER gets washed. Do you realize how disgustingly nasty that is? Think about how your shoes smell when you wear them 4-5 times without socks. I can imagine dirtier articles of clothing, but you keep them covered. And that’s my point.”

  1. wolfjawtears says:

    I totally disagree! Feet are neither gross nor ugly. They need air to keep from getting fungus. If you think your feet are gross, go get a pedicure hahaaha!

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