Music and reading

Posted: February 25, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Reading, Thoughts

There are some people who would prefer to shut off all electronics as they read. Other people like the background noise of a coffee shop and conversation. I can’t really read or be productive with either of those. I catch myself feeling way too lonely if there is no noise, and if there is a conversation it is hard for me not to get distracted.

Another thing, I can’t seem to read unless I am drinking something. Coffee, tea, or something is usually near me so that as I stop and reflect…I take a sip and take it in.

So here is my routine. I normally get a drink ready, find my fine print sharpie, and put my head phones in. Depending on what I am reading I normally listen to different music. Some of my favorites are Coldplay’s Parachutes album. The chill acoustics helps me relax and take the book in. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds album at Luther college gets the same feel.

If I am blogging around or I am reading something would require less mental activity, I listen to something jazzy like Sinatra, Joe Pass, and Buble.

But to be honest. I am in need of some new reading music. I am done with Mraz, Radiohead, and the other music I am currently listening to. Do you have any you would recommend? Do you read with music? Classical? Instrumental? What is your preference?

Here is one of my favorites


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