A new blogger in need of help…

Posted: February 21, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Thoughts

Hey everyone,

I know that some of you have blogs and would have a rhythm for writing, topics, give aways, pro’s and cons to certain things… I am new to this whole blogpsphere and would love to get any links, articles, or books that you all would recommend any blogger to read.

Comment or email me your experience and what you have learned from blogging. Here are some of the questions I have…

How often should I post? 

Should there be a single theme to my blog? Or should it be a well rounded site?

Do you write as you post? Do you taking a day to write out a series of posts? 

What are some ways that you have created traffic on your blog? 

What critiques or feedback would you have for the layout and content of this blog? 

I hope this would make this blog better. I want the reading experience to be pleasing. I don’t want this to become a public journal that no one ever visits. haha


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