No one I enjoy, no one I am more devoted to than you…

Posted: February 14, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Thoughts, Writing

It was April 4th and I was nervous beyond description. I had only thought of the day that I would get engaged to the woman of my dreams. The night before I set out clues everywhere. Her dad’s study, her car, her class and went to get other things I would surprise her with. The planning was awesome. The actual moment of it all coming together even better. I had only known her for about 8 months, but I knew this was it. 2 years later, I know I haven’t made a mistake.

Here is what I wrote two and a half years ago and mean more fervently today than I did then:

Love, and specifically marriage, has been on my mind for the last 5 years. The more I thought about marriage, the more I looked forward to laying my life down, in sacrifice, for the good of my wife. I know that marriage, apart from knowing God, is the biggest decision I will ever make in my life. With that in view, I have chosen my decision carefully and hope to lay out the thought process behind the process of choosing you as the person I want to live life with.

For the last 9 months and 12 days my prayers for a wife have had a specific name to them. Before I tell you how I began those prayers, let me tell you what sparked those prayers for you. I heard about your character, love for others, compassion, and friendship from those close to you. I have to say that, the more I heard about you, the more I wanted to know you myself. I remember my meeting with Sylvie at Pistachio’s coffee shop off of Brink and 108 like it was yesterday. It was that Friday morning, before NEXT, when she told me… “You should consider Lindsay.” Wow…did she leave a pebble in my shoe….

You were in Ecuador loving the culture and language that makes me who I am. It was in Ecuador that God had you, even though I would have preferred you here, at least for a moment.

June 23rd marks the date that I first had an exchange with you. Although it was through an email, your love for the family that was hosting you, and for the people of Ecuador was evident. Let’s just say that August did not come fast enough.

On August 27th, I began my intentional pursuit of you.  I walked you to your car and spoke to you in Spanish.

September 29th, 2010- I went out with you and Sylvie to celebrate your birthday

October 22nd, 2010- The first time I initiate having coffee with you

November 22nd, 2010- First spontaneous dinner and the first time we ride a car alone

December 23rd, 2010- First time at my house, meeting my family, and cooking tamales

December 30th, 2010- The first time we danced Salsa in D.C

January 10th, 2011- The first time I ask someone into a courtship

February 19th, 2011- The first time I talk to your dad about marrying you

March 13th, 2011- I ask your dad for your hand in marriage

As you can see, I was very intentional.

It took 9 months for me to know you were an answer to prayer. It took six to know you were the girl I wanted to marry. My decision is easy not because I know or think marriage will be easy, but because there is no one I would rather lay my life down for. I have had dreams, read books, and seen others lay their lives down for their wives, yet none of them told me how sweet this death is. And even if they did, language failed them. I want to lay what I am down for your greater good. I want to magnify your gifts. I want to live life with you. I want to build a family with you. I want to find my joy in things that bring joy to you. Will you let me do this for as long as I live?  If so, come find me at the place I first asked you to live life with me…

Lindsay, I looked at this note and thought of our relationship, engagement, and our first year of marriage for most of today. This is only our third Valentine day together and it seems like it all flew by. Life with you has never had a dull moment. There is nothing better than knowing that you are that one person that knows every detail of my life.

I still have a lot to learn about you. In these past 3 years, I have loved getting to know what makes you laugh. How to help you when you feel like the world is on your shoulders. Reminding us that our conflicts aren’t a me against you, but a we against this. You have increased my joy and have made me a very very happy man. The pot holes we have navigated through make this journey a lot more interesting. There is no one I would rather experience life with than you. The memories we have made are forever in my heart. May our future make our memories pale in comparison. I love you, and will love you as long as I live.


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