Talk to others about their reading habits

Posted: February 12, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Reading, Thoughts

Last week I wrote some of the ways that I try to track an authors argument as I read. But the truth is, not all of them are my idea’s. I don’t even remember where I picked up some of my habits from. Most of them are a result of talking to others about their reading habits or even reading their books.

My friend, Jon Smith, is a readers reader. One of the first reading assignments he gave me as my boss was assigned reading on reading. He has often given me articles or photocopied chapters of books he recommends with his penman work everywhere. But here’s the thing, it is hard not to wonder why he puts check marks, exclamation points, or brackets next to certain sentences. Why does he circle this word as opposed to this other one that I think is important? Why is there an arrow here?

I have also learned a great deal about reading from Tony Reinke’s book Lit! A Christians Guide to Reading. He is an author, blogger, reader and an example to me. I met Tony for about 5 minutes in our church lobby which isn’t that long…but it was long enough for me to call him my friend. It isn’t Facebook official yet, but that doesn’t matter haha. He doesn’t know it, but we have had long conversations about reading, theology, worldviews, writing, and The Hobbit. His blog and book have shaped a lot of my reading habits.

Find people who read well ask them questions. Tons of them…they pay off


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