Book Review: Date you Wife (Justin Buzzard)

Posted: February 10, 2013 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Book Recommendation, Book reviews

SInce July 9th of 2011, I have been reading book after book about marriage. Different authors approach the subject differently. Some address the husband and the important role that he is supposed to play. Others speak to issues that are common in all marriages. Most authors write to encourage couples to fight for their marriage. Very few authors write in a way that resonates with the reader, identifies the problems, speaks to husbands and issues, and offers encouragement like Date your Wife by Justin Buzzard.

Again, I am new to this genre of reading for many reasons. But with Valentines Day right around the corner, I thought I would recommend this book to husbands, wives, couples that are dating, or men who are considering pursuing a girl. If you know a girl, want a girl, are with a girl, hope to be with a girl, or dream of a girl… this book is for you. Here are a couple of reasons why.

1) It is easy to read

The chapters are short and can be incorporated as supplemental reading in your devotions. With a desire to see men grow, and a Christian framework to inform his desire, he writes like an old college buddy catching up over a cup of coffee. Though theologically rich, he doesn’t write like a theologian. This makes you come back to the book like you would come back to a friend who’s marriage you respect.

2) Written for application not just information

First, there are 100 date ideas at the end of the book that are golden. Then, at the end of every chapter Justin provides you a couple of questions you can think through, or talk to your wife about. These aren’t your average summary questions like (what is something new that you learned while reading this chapter). They are heart probing questions that make you think deeply about marriage. The questions alone are probably worth the cost of the book.

3) His emphasis is not on things to be done, but what Jesus has already done

If you are at the place where I was when I picked this book up, it will be really encouraging. This book is not a call to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and become a more disciplined, loving, and caring husband. His point isn’t to call you out for all that you haven’t done. Instead, he points to Jesus who has excelled in all the areas we fail at and calls us to rely on Jesus. Here is the book in a sentence: If you want to change your marriage, let Jesus change you and conform you to become like him. This book challenges men, and gives them the grace to envision the change needed.


There are some questions that aren’t answered and addressed in this book that I wish Justin spoke to but I understand that this wasn’t written with the intent of answering everything that has to do with marriage. His intent in writing this book was not to cover everything a couple faces. It is really a call and challenge for men to continue what they started when they first pursued their wives. Men, I would encourage you to read this book…its been a joy dating my wife again.

Here is a video promo for the book:

  1. Philip Davis says:

    it’s a great word of encouragement that I definitely need. Be intentional with your wife. Cherish and love her. Thanks for the review!

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