Create a reading plan

Posted: December 16, 2012 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Reading

Reading has be the most enjoyable, fruitful and possible when I create a reading plan. If I have a plan, I get it done. If I don’t have a plan, the busyness of life normally drowns out my reading goals and I am forced to fit reading into my schedule. I prefer to lock in times to read and even which books I will read on that particular day. 

I remember first reading about this in Tony Reinke’s blog, which is now a book called Lit!. I got away for a day and thought of my reading pace, the books I wanted to read, and made a plan. Most books that I read average about 12 chapters. If I read at a pace of a chapter a week- then I can finish the book in 3 months. I chose to be more ambitious than that and asked, how much could I read if I read for an hour a day? I could read about two chapters a day. 

After making a plan, I chose 7 categories of books that I would read during the week and named them(Theological Tuesdays, Wisdom Wednesdays, Fun Fridays). I had a plan, I chose the books, and I made a shelf. I shuffled through the shelf as the week went by, and my pace was doable. I go back and revisit the books I am reading, the categories, and pace. Sometimes I choose three books, when life is less busy. At times, I can barely get in a book a day. Sometimes, I can only read a couple of pages a day. Life varies…my plan has to be realistic and so I change it. 

Over the years I have found that it is more easy to plan and stick to it, than to fill extra time with reading. The more disciplined I have been, the more I have benefited from reading. If you plan out to read an hour in four 15 minute increments, you could get a lot of reading done. It is easy to find these times during your normal day. Your plan doesn’t have to look like my plan. I would even say that if you chose to follow my plan, you would probably read less. Make a plan that you think would work for your schedule, your lifestyle, and your reading habits. Following someone else’s plan can make what should be a delight, drudgery and duty. 

Make a plan, get the books, and let the reading begin. 


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