When books become movies…

Posted: December 13, 2012 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Leisure, Movies

I know that there are going to be differences of opinion on books becoming movies. Some directors do a good job. Others make you wish you could get your 14 dollars back. Peter Jackson introduced me to J.R Tolkien. I had never read fiction before. But after seeing The Lord of the Rings, I was convinced that reading fiction would be my next buy.

When I heard that Peter Jackson was going to be making the prequel, The Hobbit, I had to read it. My son and I have now read and anticipated this movie for the last couple of months. I was probably more excited about his LOTR lego set than he was. We bought games, bookmarks, sketch books, and even want to eat hobbit-like meals that we found here.

I thank my beautiful wife for encouraging me to read fiction. She pushed and I finally budged. She has only enhanced my reading. I look forward to making Dwarf outfits, shields, and the festivities this weekend. If you have not read The Hobbit, I recommend you read it for fun. Sitting down and letting your mind travel to middle earth has been relaxing and fun. All that to say, I am pumped about this weekend!!!


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