Why should I follow another blog?

Posted: December 11, 2012 by thoughtsfrommyshelf in Reading, Writing

It seems like everywhere you turn now everyone is starting up a blog. There are blogs about clothes, style, theology, movie reviews, and just cool, hip, witty and artistic blogs. Why should you follow my blog? Why would I even create a blog? What would make this blog different from all the others? Here are a couple of reasons why I look forward to writing and in hopes that you read.

1) As I read, I read to recommend.

As a reader, a blog follower, and friend to book worms- I love recommending books. I like giving reasons for why I recommend certain chapters, articles, or paragraphs. I want to create a blog that points people to materials that I have found helpful. I am going to be writing with the purpose of recommending specific books for specific topics and issues.

2) As I read, I read to reflect.

When I read, I normally am adjusted in the way that I think. Sometimes it is a radical adjustment or at times it is a minor tweak. I like to treat books as if it were a conversation with the authors. There are times that I am persuaded to change my line of thinking and there are also times when I disagree with an authors argument. I find myself writing on the margins of  books looking for answers. My goal is to capture that internal conversation here. I want to invite you to chime in on the conversation. I want to encourage and be encouraged to think critically.

3) As I read, I read for the purpose of reproducing. 

I love learning something new. I like understanding something to the point that I can then tell others about it. In fact, I would say that we all like this. Just think of the last time you shared a link of FB, Twitter, or over email. When was the last time you saw a movie that you could not stop talking about. It doesn’t have to be something viral. It could be something you saw at work, or a joke someone told you. We all like transferring what we treasure. I hope to do that here with books that I find helpful.

Enjoy the blog and may you find it helpful.

  1. Wife says:

    Great thoughts, Angel. I can’t wait for your first review…

  2. Awesome! I’m looking forward to this, Angel, because I’ve always appreciated your book recommendations.

  3. Javier says:

    Great start! Obviously I’m right with ya on your reasons for doing this blog as a fellow book lover and book sharer. Solid writing, too! Keep it up.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement guys! I look forward to writing and getting your thoughts.

  5. Donna Banks says:

    From one bibliophile to another – amen!

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